In 2020, we incorporated into our Test room the new era of refraction with Vision-R 800 phoropter, a system that offers continuous power changes, with liquid lenses, measuring the patient’s refraction with maximum precision.

Refraction is more accurate and prescriptions can be made in measurements down to 0.01 dioptres instead of the traditional 0.25 dioptres steps.

Intelligent testing, exceptional algorithms, smooth power changes and a wider field of vision make the refraction procedure more comfortable for the patient.

Eye Test

Our clinical and professional experience allows us to provide the most appropriate prescription and detect and prevent visual problems.

The eye test we conduct in our test room allows us to make an assessment of the state of eye health through refraction, intraocular pressure, retinography, corneal topography and previous segment evaluation.

Intraocular Pressure

It is essential to carry out a periodic test of intraocular pressure for patients with glaucoma, and even to prevent it in those people at risk of suffering from it in the future, especially those who may be susceptible to suffering from it due to genetic factors.


This technique allows the optometrist a complete and accurate vision of the patient’s retina, allowing them to detect pathologies typical of this part of the eye.

Corneal Topography

This computerized diagnostic test allows a three-dimensional view of the corneal surface, facilitating the detection of irregularities in the cornea. This test greatly assists with decision-making in the applicable treatments by the optometrist, especially in the adaptation of contact lenses.

Previous Segment Evaluation

The anterior segment of the eye is made up of different ocular structures. In the eye test this exploration basically has two main objectives:

  1. Determine the refraction and find best the optical solution (glasses or contact lens).
  2. Evaluate eye health to detect ocular changes or medical conditions.

Dry Eye Study

Currently there is an increase in eye dryness in the population, either due to our workplace in front of computer screens, mobile phones, etc. or due to environmental factors inside and outside the home and workplace.

We have incorporated the Keratograph into our test room, which allows us to perform an exhaustive and non-invasive examination of the eye.

Contact Lenses Adaptation

Contact Lenses Adaptation

In the custom adaptation of contact lenses, we carefully study each case to select the most suitable contact lenses for all your needs.

We work with the best brands of corrective lenses in the market

To personalise them we have Visioffice X a new generation of optical measurement systems that incorporates H3D analysis that takes into account the natural posture of the patient in long-range vision with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees and which, using 3 cameras, provides a 3D reconstruction of the eye-lens combination that offers maximum reliability in the calculation of measurements.

Its Eyecode technology allows the exact measurement of the position of the center of rotation of each eye, which is a unique point in each eye, where all the lines of fixation are crossed, to offer a precise and effortless vision in the different gaze positions. In addition, its system evaluates the user’s close-up visual behavior by recreating their specific postural response when performing these tasks and thus being able to offer them a good and fast adaptation to its new lenses.


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