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Gafas exclusivas y monturas de diseño


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Optica OP

Gafas exclusivas y monturas de diseño


Blake Kuwahara

Recognized as one of the 100 most important people in the eyewear industry, he has designed collections for fashion and haute couture firms. In his career he has garnered many awards for his designs.

Blake Kuwahara launched his exclusive range of glasses in the autumn of 2014.

By using laborious production techniques and a lot of handwork to create textures and details, he achieves an inner silhouette that is enclosed in an unexpectedly fresh outer shape. This perfect fusion and the juxtaposition of shapes and colours make his designs exclusive and very elegant.



Theo is a brand with its own and unconventional identity.

From the founders Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, their first collection was born in Belgium in 1986.

Nowadays and faithful to their DNA, Mik, Jan and Toom, Wim Somers’ sons, are a very important part of Theo.

Setting and breaking trends, Theo is always one step ahead and out of the ordinary. They create high quality glasses with a range of exclusive colours and designs with the aim of putting smiles on people’s faces around the world and that their glasses express the individuality of the wearer.


Having established his design business in Tokyo in 1967, Mitsuhiro Matsuda is recognized as one of the first designers to merge architecture with fashion in the 1980s.

All his creations are handcrafted by artisans in the best glasses workshops in Japan. The development process can take up to 2 years and many of the models require more than 250 steps to be created. He only uses the best materials: Japanese acetate, titanium and solid 18K gold, among others.

Each finished creation is itself a piece of art.

Veronika Wildgruber

Through research and experimentation, in 2017 Veronika Wildgruber created her own brand with an unmistakable aesthetic.

She has garnered several awards, such as Silmo d’Or for the best sunglasses design, and collaborates on designing for the French luxury firm Hermès, among others.

A futuristic language, derived from architecture, art and daily life, inspires her collection. The material combination together with the delicate colour transitions result in an unexpected three-dimensionality.


Jeremy Tarian, designer of his own creations, makes natural colours and raw materials the basis of his acetates and metals.

In his studio, a former stable in the Haut-Marais, in Paris, he explores and works on his twin passions, glasses and ceramics.

His collection is designed and manufactured according to traditional methods of craftsmanship, creating small numbered series in which he takes care of the details and the beauty of his handmade creations.

Tarian has been awarded the prestigious Silmo d’Or on several occasions.

ic! Berlin

As they describe themselves, they are a global group of designers, craftsmen and engineers.

They create minimalist and discreet designs with timeless shapes.

It is a finely crafted, robust and lightweight collection with no-screw hinges and clean lines.

The manufacture is entirely handmade in Berlin. It combines stainless steel, titanium and acetate to create high quality and precision glasses.

Garrett Leight

Born in California and immersed in the fashion and eyewear industry, after finishing his university studies Garrett Leight worked with his father, founder and creative director of Oliver Peoples, observing firsthand the development of Larry Leight’s iconic designs.

In 2009 he opened his first glasses store in Venice Beach, USA, with a new style of optician and fashion boutique offering a carefully selected product.

In 2010 he founded GLCO and launched his first eyewear collection with a new perspective combining old and new, iconic and innovative.

Today he has loyal followers of his style around the world.

Mr. Leight

Mr. Leight was born from the collaboration between father and son, Larry Leight, founder of the iconic Oliver Peoples brand in 1987, and Garrett Leight, founder of GLCO in 2010.

The designs created for Mr. Leight are the union of the past and the present, the window into Larry’s imagination and Garrett’s contemporary vision.

Mr. Leight is designed in California and entirely produced in the oldest and most recognised houses in Japan. It is a handcrafted production of great technical precision using high quality materials such as gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum and titanium to create exquisite and discreetly luxurious objects.


An atypical and inspired creator.

Amaury Cagniard creates a style that has become his hallmark: contemporary and timeless, daring and innovative, Parisian, elegant and unconventional. A style in which Amaury prioritizes quality at all levels and handcrafted finishes.

Under his name, he created an accessories line with an exclusive collection of leather bags and a perfume, called “A”, with a fragrance that invites new sensations.

A lover of art and music, he has designed glasses for influential musicians in France.


MONOQOOL is simplicity at its finest.

In 2016 they created a collection in ultra-thin, lightweight and screwless 3D printing, weighing only 4 grams, which ensures a high level of comfort and durability.

True to the Danish design tradition, simple ideas are often the hardest to achieve. Such an idea is the result of removing all unnecessary elements. This is what they look for every day.

MONOQOOL produces innovative eyewear for discerning users who do not want to choose between comfort and design.

Dick Moby

In 2012 Tim and Robert created Dick Moby determined with their project to respect the environment by providing sustainable manufacturing.

They create a collection of high quality glasses in which the acetate and metal they use is made from recycled materials and is oil-free.

They call it “sustainable style”. Recycled acetate and stainless steel glasses from Dick Moby require 90% less energy than acetate and virgin stainless steel.

The glasses cases are made from recycled leather and the cloth bags are made from recycled PET bottles.


BRETT is named after a gentleman, a British nobleman discovered in a legendary TV series from the ‘70s. 

Each of their frames has a charismatic name worthy of a cast of ’70s legends like Steve McQueen, Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood and many more.

The frames are manufactured from a block of Japanese titanium, laser cut and hand-brushed. BRETT presents 4 collections with thin and wide frames specifically aimed at Bad Boys & Gentlemen with character and elegance. All models are designed to fit perfectly under a helmet.



An authentic brand born in Campinas, São Paulo. 

LAPIMA was founded in 2016 by Gisela and Gustavo Assis. The artistic movements and the organic lines of the Brazilian landscapes inspire it.

The essence of the brand is defined between luxury and craftsmanship with handcrafted and refined pieces that play with volumes, lights and shadows.

LAPIMA is a trip into the authentic beauty of Brazil. Its collections are full of modern lines, vintage elegance and vivid colours.